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Swing Trade Indicator

GreenCrypto strategy is advanced swing trading strategy developed by the GreenCrypto team, we have been using this strategy for trading and recently we decided to make this strategy available for all for a nominal fee. This is strategy uses advanced trend calculation and support resistance to predict the market move and enter the position at the right time. If you use this strategy properly with the right risk management then you can make consistence profit on any of the markets. 

Supported Markets: This strategy is designed in such a way this support most of the markets. Some of the supported market types are : cryptocurrency, forex, equity, commodity etc.

GreenCrypto Swing Trade Subscription

6 Months Subscription

Get full access to Indicator for 6 months. This is suitable for causal traders.


1 Year Subscription

Get full access to the indicator for 1 year. This suitable for full time Traders.



How profitable is this strategy?

With proper capital management, you can make up to 200% per year (2000% with 10x leverage on crypto)

Does this work for Stocks, crypto and forex market?

Yes, this strategy works well on all the markets

Does this guarantee the profit?

There is no strategy which gives 100% guarantee that it can make a profit. but based on the backtesting and our past 2 years experience with this strategy we can confident that you can make a good profit using this strategy.

Is this strategy good for automated trading?

The simple answer is No. This is designed for manual swing trading, if you are looking for an automated swing trading strategy, then check out our other strategy

Which timeframe candle works best with this strategy?

1H and 4H candles work best with this strategy.

Do you provide a user guide on how to use this strategy?

Yes, we provide user guide doc on how to use this strategy.

How does this strategy work?

We use a combination of S&R, pivot, trend analysis to predict the market move.

Does this strategy repaint?

No, it does not repaint. You can verify it by running the replay feature on the tradingview.

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