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Scalp Trade Indicator

GreenCrypto Trading strategy is highly profitable cryptocurrency trading strategies with gives around 300% yearly profit (using this you can make 31X of investment by using 10x leverage and proper capital management)
Using this strategy if you invest 1000$ you will make (assuming strategy gives 200% return every year)1 year : 31000$ (i.e, 30x of investment by trading only 1/5 portion of the capital)2 year: 1200000$ ( 1200X of initial investment by trading 1/5 portion of the capital. You can find the backtesting result below or you can check it on tradingview.

GreenCrypto Scalp Trade Subscription

6 Month Subscription

Get full access to Indicator for 6 months. This is suitable for causal traders.


1 Year Subscription

Get full access to the indicator for 1 year. This suitable for more frequent Traders.


Life Time Subscription

Get full access to the indicator for 1 year. This suitable for full time traders.



How profitable is this strategy?

You can easily make 250% raw profit per year. please check the attached images for more details on profit information.

I s it only designed for cryptocurrency?

Yes, our major focus was on cryptocurrency, However, feel free to try it on other platforms also.

Does this guaranteed profit?

Backtesting is not a guarantee for future profit. However, we are confident that this will work as expected. We are actively using this strategy for automated trading.

Is this strategy good for automated trading?

Yes, it was designed majorly for automated trading. You can use third parties like 3commas to automated this strategy.

Can I do manual trading with this strategy?

Yes, you can do manual trading with this strategy. Frequency of the signals is more, which will require you be active whenever there is a new signal

Which timeframe candle works best with this strategy?

Works perfectly on 4H candles. we don't recommend any other timeframe.

Does this strategy repaint?

No, it does not repaint. You can verify it by running the replay feature on the trading view.

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